About Us

Armand Greco, the founder of CNC Machinery Solutions, has been serving the machining industry for over 30 years. His early apprenticeship was spent developing strategies, products and relationships along side his father at Greco Systems where they pioneered some of the early and brilliant solutions around BTR (Behind the Tape Reader) applications to eliminate outdated paper tape readers on older machine tool controls. These developments helped thousands of manufacturing companies automate and preserve older machine tool equipment and provided the necessary computer interface that naturally led to innovations such as DNC (Direct Numerical Control), OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Industrial Touch Screen applications.

For almost 20 years alone, CNC Machinery Solutions has been providing leading DNC products for America’s top manufacturing companies including difficult applications to eliminate tape readers, wireless solutions and OEE software solutions to get the most productivity and data collection from existing equipment. In these economic times, getting the most out of your machinery is vital to the survival of an industry that helped form this great nation’s fundamental prosperity; manufacturing.

So if you’re looking to update your shop with the latest tools of the trade or simply looking to preserve the integrity of existing machine controller inventory, call on CNC Machinery Solutions to provide proven, technological solutions. Our decades of experience, professional expertise and taylor made solutions have provided for a long list of well run operations that rely on CNC Machinery Solutions as a manufacturing partner for progress.

Call us today to see how we might help provide more machine tool information with less down time and run your machine shop more effectively.